Martica De Cardenas

     Marta Elena De Cardenas was born in Miami, Florida, belonging to a generation of Cuban-Americans born in the states as a result of the Cuban exile of the 1960s.  She grew up in the southwest suburbs of the city where her family still lives today.

     The youngest of three, Martica grew up with a deep appreciation for the arts.  From a young age, she attended ballet, Spanish dance, flute and pottery classes regularly.  She went on explore other art forms, but it wasn't until college that she decided to pursue acting.
     Martica began her dramatic studies at Florida State University.  After receiving a B.A. in theatre, she headed to Los Angeles where she continued her training.
     It was not long before, Martica took employment with Miami-Dade County Public Schools, where she began teaching drama and directing.  During her tenure, she wrote, produced, and co-directed A Summer Song, a feature-length film.  Since then, Martica has returned to Los Angeles, where she continues to act and write for the stage and screen.